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Why Websites Are Worth the Investment for Your Small Business

Updated: Feb 8

MOST of the time I'm a DIY girl. I believe I can do it better, faster, and cheaper. Turns out, though, my attempt to ‘save money’ comes at the cost of time wasting or just ending up with a sub-pair product I don’t even want. I’m picky. I’m also picky with my money, as a smart person should be!

Website design for pool company by design method

Just like I can’t pour my own concrete foundation, quick solutions at the start of a big venture, aren’t worth the time, energy, and heartache. I’d much rather not have to worry about learning and mastering a skill if I don’t have to.

By now, you have been told numerous times that websites are easy to create with fast templated options. Templates equate to easy, almost-ready products right?

So then why are they still not quick, easy, or cheap? If you are tech savvy, they could very well be those things (and I hope for you that it is!). Just know that you’ll spend lots of ‘hidden’ time understanding how to manipulate an existing playground, learning SEO and figuring out what you need to put out there for your future clients to see and gain their trust.

Why Websites Exist

Websites are supposed to support your business and grow along with you.

It’s your current home on the internet. If you are living on the internet without a home, (i.e. home advisor, just Facebook, only Linkedin and maybe an old link on your competitors site) then you might homeless.

Think about it. Without a central hub where you, my friend, control the narrative and establish your foundation for web growth, you are handing anyone that walks by the keys to the concrete truck to start pouring.

Website design for fitness instructor by design method

I’ve been there and helped business owners try and take back control after a long while of operating on ‘internet fumes’ to keep afloat. Websites are expensive. Branding is expensive. It should be. It takes time, expertise (focused time) and trust. So find the designer you trust and style you enjoy!


Want to take the control your business up for success? Let's work together!

krysteah carroll owner of design method

Krysteah Carroll


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