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Design Method is a branding specialty company that helps small business owners & startups attract their ideal clients by professionally telling their story.


Hi There

Design Method is a creative direction design studio, providing one on one branding expertise to businesses and anyone ready to invest in a living, breathing brand and website. 

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Custom branding + website | Ideal for business starts & complete rebrands

Built for your businesses success

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1. Contact
2. Discovery 
3. Choose Direction
4. Refine
5. Launch


Chimney and Sky
Chimney and Sky

Micah Brown, Local Roofing

Let me start by saying I am very picky, especially when it comes to logos. Krysteah was wonderful to work with. Her communication was great and managed to really help bring my ideas to a new artistic level. Her experience shows through her work. I'm very happy and will come to her for any designs in the future. Highly recommend!

April 2022

Chimney and Sky

Lisa Bell, Copilot CPA

Krysteah was wonderful to work with! She really took the time to listen to what I wanted even though I did a terrible job explaining. I'll definitely work with her again!

Chimney and Sky

Tommy Houston, CECS

I hired Krysteah for the branding of my power washing business. She delivered an excellent brand package and was great to work with throughout the process. I highly recommend her services!

Jan 2022

Feb 2022

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